Introduction to Sustainable Development Workshop

  • Description:

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    (Virtual Delivery)

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  • Objectives:

    This workshop introduces the fundamental principles of sustainable development and its importance. It will examine the relationship between sustainability, resilience and business growth as well as introducing the different approaches to investing and lending (e.g. ESG, Impact, Ethical).

    The workshop will also shed light on international development initiatives such as the United Nations (UNEP FI, SDGs, UNFCCC, UNCTAD, etc.), Paris Agreement, Conference of Parties (COP). It will explore the funding gap in achieving SDGs, and the role of central banks (NGFS). The training is developed by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and is delivered in partnership with ADGM Academy.

    Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
    • Describe the key concepts of sustainability and their relation to economic growth
    • Explain different the investment/lending approaches to sustainability
    • Identify the key international institutions and agreements that affect sustainable development

  • Audience:

    Working professionals and executives in financial institutions, insurance, policy, pension funds, with a focus on sustainability and ESG compliant developments.
    Participants will gain CPD credits for successful completion of the workshop.

  • Prior Knowledge: