Future Entrepreneurs Programme

  • Course Duration:31
  • Price:FREE
  • Objectives:

    Price: Fully sponsored by Department of Government Enablement

    The Future Entrepreneurs Programme, a cornerstone initiative of the declaration Working Group, is passionately committed to empowering UAE Nationals and job seekers with entrepreneurial potential, across the business landscape. Our goal is to cultivate an unwavering entrepreneurial mindset, instil a powerful entrepreneurial spirit and nurture a thriving culture of innovation. We are dedicated to empowering the young talents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by providing them with exceptional mentoring, valuable knowledge, and tools they need to become future entrepreneurs.

  • Audience:

    • UAE national
    • Registered Department of Government enablement platform
    • Demonstrated passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to create a meaningful impact on the UAE
    business landscape.
    • Have a business concept, project, or startup idea.

  • Prior Knowledge:

    Recently graduated from a recognized educational institution.