Navigating Business Disputes in a World of ESG uncertainty for Contracts and Project Managers

  • Objectives:

    No business wants a dispute. Yet conflicts, disagreements and disputes arise regularly when conducting business. This is particularly so in the current climate of heightened challenges coming from the pandemic, energy transition and climate change, supply chain disruption, and increased scrutiny of corporate governance. All companies must be prepared to face the internal and external pressures brought about by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance requirements. Contract formation, project management and conflict anticipation and resolution are critical functions when dealing with these types of disputes. Learning what causes these disputes, and acquiring the tools required to avoid or manage them, are essential skills for every contract and project manager.

    The main objective of the Course is to help business leaders to avoid (or better and more effectively manage) business conflict arising from this environment of heightened ESG challenges. The goal is to save both time and money, as well as enhance business reputation.

    The Course will assist company leaders to learn and develop essential conflict anticipation and resolution skills for dealing with the difficult business situations arising from ESG, digital transformation and energy transition; to create and sharpen instincts; and to heighten awareness in order to avoid conflict and disputes – or, where that is not possible, to resolve them quickly and effectively.

    Disputes cause business not simply legal costs, but much more important reputational and relationship harm. Destructive disputes are, in many situations, avoidable if critical business management is trained to be aware of spotting and dealing with potential conflicts before they become intractable. This Course is structured to address these needs.

    The Course is designed in three Modules to be taught virtually two session of 3 hours each weekly.

  • Audience:

    • Business managers involved in contracts or project management.
    • In-house counsel who advise business management in respect of contracts and project matters.
    • Outside counsel, particularly transactional lawyers who advise clients in these areas.

  • Particular industries:

    • construction, energy and technology (aviation, aerospace, manufacturing).
    • Energy transition as a host of renewable energy projects being planned over the next decade (wind, solar, carbon capture)

  • Registration closes:

    2nd January 2023

  • *Course duration is in days

  • Prior Knowledge: