Practice of Islamic Asset Management

  • Description:

    This module has been designed to provide participants with a good level of knowledge and understanding to ensure that they can set-up a fund and understand the operational requirements and governance. Starting with a refresher of the basic principles of Islamic banking and finance, participants will be introduced to the basics of asset management including the definition and purpose of a fund, the investment mandate and the importance of the asset. They will then be provided with an introduction to the following topics: the market participants, and different type of funds. Participants will be working in groups on case studies examining different fund structures to assess their suitability. Fund registration, listing and administration will be discussed in some detail in combination with governance and the role of the Shariah Board.

  • Objectives:


  • Audience:

    Any professional interested in asset management, including staff from retail banking, private banking, wealth management and asset management areas. It will also be relevant to some staff in compliance, risk management and in some areas of capital markets activities.

  • Prior Knowledge:

    Practice of Islamic Banking and Finance, Introduction to Islamic Asset Management.


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