Pitching to Win

  • Description:

    This programme has been delivered to senior bankers and corporate clients all over the world helping leaders, team members and client-facing personnel to pitch and present more effectively and win more business. It helps by improving performance in terms of:

    • 360 video feedback & coaching.
    • Building your individual ‘brand’.
    • How to create attention & impact.
    • Why pitches succeed and fail – differentiating your pitch.
    • Linking confidence to competence, credibility, concern and connection.
    • Design – planning for success & finding the heart of the pitch.
    • Constructing messages that work and stick!
    • Connecting with clients.
    • Shape your performance to create a memorable impact & close effectively.
    • Technical tips – slides, projectors, screens, hand-outs, pitch books etc.
    • Q & A – handling the unexpected.
    • Receive a report and personal feedback on your strengths and capabilities.
  • Objectives:


  • Audience:

    Bankers in any field who wish to improve their pitching skills and effectiveness.

  • Prior Knowledge:

    None assumed.


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