Corporate Financial Modelling for Valuation and Research

  • Description:

    This course provides a thorough grounding in the construction and manipulation of fully integrated corporate financial models.

    The course starts by building a model of a made-up company with simplified financial data, adding additional features and functionality in stages to show the logic of an integrated model.

    The second stage is to build a single tab forecasting model using the five drivers of cash (‘PACED’ approach). It then continues by building a complex model for a real company, starting with a blank spreadsheet.

    The final element is to add analytical tools and calculations to the model and to manipulate its forecasts through switching between different assumption set scenarios and then adding a DCF calculation to compare the model’s output value to the market price.

    The programme is very ‘hands-on’ with most of the time spent working in Excel. Spreadsheet best practice and a wide range of Excel ‘power tips’ are delivered throughout the programme.

  • Objectives:


  • Audience:

    Any bankers working in roles that require them to build or analyse financial models of companies, in particular the course is relevant for corporate bankers, research analysts, corporate finance bankers, credit analysts and debt and equity capital markets professionals.

  • Prior Knowledge:

    Familiarity with Excel.


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