Conduct of Business & Ethics

  • Description:

    This module provides robust coverage of international best practice related to conduct of business and ethics. An overview of the main codes of business conduct such as the principles of the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision, the code of ethics of the CFA Institute, the CISI in the UK, the OECD, ECB and other relevant bodies. This is an interactive module including case studies and exercises exploring the application of a code of conduct under different scenarios. Local regulatory requirements will be incorporated in the syllabus. Business conduct is important in relation to financial misconduct, market abuse, insider trading, and corporate malfeasance. During the course, students will analyse cases and identify which principles apply and what should have been done differently. The emphasis is not on knowing the rules, but on understanding how the various codes and principles interact with business.

  • Objectives:


  • Audience:

    All Bankers.

  • Prior Knowledge:

    None assumed.


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